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About Payment

We only accept payment through Paypal.

About Shipping and Shipping Fees

Shipping to Countries Other Than Japan: EMS (International Express Mail Service)

In principle, orders shipped to foreign countries will be shipped by EMS. EMS is capable of shipping to 120 foreign countries and territories.

Examples of countries to which we can ship:

[North America] USA, Canada and Mexico
[Europe] UK, Germany, France etc.
[Asia] Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia etc.
[Oceania] Australia, New Zealand
We also ship to Africa, the Middle East, South America, and more.

Shipping Fees

Please see here for further information about shipping fees.
International Express Mail Service Delivery Pricing List

About Delivery Times

Usually, EMS delivery times are about 3 - 7 business days, but it varies depending on the location and regulations at Customs.
※We cannot specify a delivery date or time. Please see here:
Link to Overseas Post Offices


In cases where EMS is used, please understand that Moriki Paper cannot take responsibility for any damages due to arrival delays and losses.

Important Information

Please understand that, depending on the shipping destination and the size and shape of the package(s), there is a possibility that orders will be shipped by TNT Express instead of EMS.

Order Cancellation, Refunds and Exchanges

In the case that you wish to cancel your order, please contact customer support.
In the case that you wish to return or exchange an order you have received, please contact customer support within 3 days of receiving the order. We will not accept returns on orders without having first been contacted by email.

Rules About Cancellations, Refunds and Exchanges:

● We will not accept returns on orders while the delivery process is still in motion.
● There are situations where we will not accept returns or exchanges where the customer has damaged the product in use.
● There are cases where the tone or quality of the actual item may not match exactly those seen on the screen (due to computer or monitor settings, etc.). Because it’s a web store, please understand there may be differences in appearance between the screen and the actual item.
● Please understand that there may be certain items for which we cannot accept your request for an exchange.

We will not accept returns or exchanges on the following items:

● discount or sale items that say “no return or cancellation”
● custom-order items
● items which have been processed or altered at the customer’s request
● items which have been special-ordered at the customer’s request
● opened items, or used items

If you have questions, please contact customer support.

About Shipping Fees on Returns and Exchanges

Where there is a severe defect in the product, or an error in shipping, we will pay for the shipping on returned or exchanged items.

Important Information About Refunds

In the case of payment by Paypal, a refund is possible up to 60 days from the date of receipt of the payment. → See details from Paypal here.