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Privacy Policy

Personal Information

Personal Information is any information or combination of information that enables an individual to be identified. The information includes name, email address, address, telephone number, occupation, birthday, gender, access history, credit card number, and bank account information.

Use of Personal Information

We ask customer’s personal information, including name, address, email address, telephone number, and fax number through order form/membership registration form on this site. We collect the information only to ensure the products to be delivered correctly, according to the customers’ requests. We use the information collected for the following purposes only and do not use or disclose for any other purposes of secondary use or to any third parties without permission. 

・sending an order confirmation email
・delivering products
・providing warranty service and after service (including customer inquiries)
・registration of DM email from our online shop
・any other necessary actions for product purchase by this online shop
・information analysis (e.g. analysis of purchasers)
・DM email of new products/services, and questionnaires to customers

Credit card number and settlement information, such as record of bank transfer is used only to confirm and charge for the purchase. We use external shipment company and credit card company for product delivery and online card settlement.
We share the customer’s information, needed for product delivery only, such as name and address with each company, but do not share any other information.
As for credit card information and the expiration, we do not obtain or record any of them, as they were communicated only between the credit card holder and the credit card company.

The information collected by our staff by way of telephone orders is treated in the same way; we do not use or disclose it for secondary use to any third parties, other than for the purpose mentioned above.

Collection of Information from BBS or Emails of Customer

As to feedback/experiences of products, collected through inquiry form, email, or BBS, we do not use or disclose them for a purpose of secondary use to any third parties without permission. However, we may introduce them only in the mail magazine of our site, without disclosing any personal information. We kindly ask for your understanding.
Even in this case, please let us assure you that we will not disclose any personal information except your user name.

Information Collected through Customer Service/Inquiries from Customer

We have designated customer support staff who respond directly to customers who contact us via email or telephone for questions and feedback. We read through all the messages from customers, and try our best to respond to them as fast as possible. However, please understand it may take a few days to respond when the issue is complicated or any extra research is required before responding.
The information collected, including the details of the questions, will be used only for responding to the questions and the feedback from customers. As for customer’s personal information, including email address and name, we do not use or disclose it for a purpose of secondary use or to any third parties.

Other Use of Personal Information

The information collected on this site is not used for reasons other than those stated above without customer’s consent. Please contact us if our use is considered to be secondary use -- we will stop the use; please note, however, the following exceptions:
・When it’s required to disclose the customer’s information, based on law, by court, other judicial branch or public agency.
・When we need to protect rights and property of our company, our affiliated companies, customers, or any third parties.
・When we avoid any possible inconvenience or damages we or our affiliated companies may receive, due to any disputes between the customer and another customer or any third party.
Process for change of personal information and method of identification

You may check or change the registered membership information by logging in to this site with your ID and password. We may change or limit the contents of the personal information which you can see or change; if we do so, we will notify the change or limit on this site.


This site uses cookies in the shopping cart. If you refuse to accept cookies, the shopping cart does not work. Cookies are the data, stored in the hard drive of your PC, which include your customer information, and we do not use cookies for unnecessary collection of information. When you purchase the products on this site, please make sure to accept cookies in your browser settings.

Safety Measures on Security

We use the global standard encryption method, called SSL (Secure Socket Layer), to protect customer’s personal information from unauthorized access when we transfer the data. In addition, we try our best to prevent external unauthorized access and information leakage by using a security system Firewall.

Links to Other Sites

This site may include links which lead you to external sites. We do not have any knowledge of the privacy policy of other sites. When you leave our site, please read the information on collection of personal information and privacy statement on the site you are visiting. The information regarding privacy policy stated in this site applies only to this site.

Revision of Privacy Statement

We review the service of this site on a regular basis for improvement. We may revise the privacy statement according to revisions to the service.
When there is an important change in the privacy statement, we will notify users of the change on this site.

We kindly ask you to access this page each time you use the site, and for your understanding regarding our privacy statement on this site.
Please contact us at the address below if you have any questions on our privacy policy.

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Address: 1-15-1, Kikukawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-5625-5280

Request to Customers

We protect customers’ registration information with an ID and password. Please note that it is customer’s responsibility to manage their ID and password.
We are not responsible for damages to the customer caused by password leakage by the customer.